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Faith Promise Sunday

This Sunday is Missions Sunday at Solid Rock Church. This is also the Sunday in which we will renew our Missions Faith Promises . We normally do this earlier in the spring, but most of the other Sundays this spring have been dedicated to other emphases. This Sunday, will ask each Solid Rock Church family to commit to making a monthly faith promise toward the support of our partner missionaries who minister around the world. Please ask God how much you should give monthly for the next 12 months. Actually, it will probably be a less-than-twelve-month commitment, since we will probably return to a March or April Faith Promise Renewal Sunday next spring.

Ryan's writing style

Last week, I posted some of Bethany's and Kelli's early writings from grade school. Here, now, is an example of Ryan's writing from the third grade. A little bit of context: Ryan was running for class president against a little boy named Benny. Apparently, Ryan was upset because some of his classmates were saying they were going to vote for Benny, so out of frustration, he called Benny the worst possible name he could think of. This letter is an apology to his teacher for his actions, which apparently included arguing with her (the teacher). You can enlarge the letter by clicking on it.

Graduation Service

We honored our graduates in yesterday's service. We had Kindergarten graduates, high school graduates, and college graduates--a little bit of everything. We're proud of all of them. Congratulations.

Joey's graduation

Today was a big day in the Hernandez household. Today, Joey graduated from high school! He's our third child to graduate, and it just doesn't ever lose its significance. In fact, this graduation was a little more emotional for us than our first two because Joey was more emotional! We're very proud of you, Joey. Way to go!

Maria's blog

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the tragedy that the Steven Curtis Chapman family is having to deal with right now. They've set up a blog in memory of Maria. Read it here , and continue to pray for their family.

Kelli's writing style

We're still cleaning up, so we're finding all kinds of interesting stuff. Here's an undated paper by Kelli: I got glue in my hair. and in k-5 I had to go to the prinsubles offis because I was crying and the prinsuble was not there. so I wit to my class room. I only hope she wasn't in high school when she wrote this.

Bethany's writing skill

As most of you know, Bethany's blog is quite popular with friends and family. Apparently, she started working on her writing skills pretty early on, as evidenced by a paper we found while cleaning up at home. The paper is dated March 4, 1992, so she was just days short of her 8th birthday, and in the second grade. Here's what she wrote: "My Family" Come in, this is my family. First, meet my dad he works at Edision and gets home late. Next, meet my mom she works at St. Mark's and gets out of work at 1:00 p.m. Here comes my sister Kelli she is a show of. OH! here comes my brother Joey he loves bastetball. Apparently, Kelli got an early start, too.

Sunday Night Reflections

It was great to be back at church this morning after missing last Sunday morning's service. I had another long day yesterday, and didn't get to bed until 1:45 this morning but nothing gets me energized like church on a Sunday morning. I enjoyed singing some of Dottie Rambo's music this morning. She really was a good song writer. If you haven't read the story of her passing, you can read it on her website. The Memorial Service will be held tomorrow in Nashville. I occasionally take power naps during the week when I have time. Usually a five or ten minute nap works wonders for me. Sundays are a different story. I like to take slightly longer naps. But this afternoon I took a really long nap! No, was a long nap. I slept for 2 hours and 45 minutes! Wow! Can you tell I've really been sleep-deprived the last few weeks? Joey just finished his weekend of performing in High School Musical. We went to see him on opening night, and I really enjoyed watching him pe

Yes, I know

Yes, yes, I know...I missed my Sunday night reflections. I tried to post but I was just too tired after coming in from a long trip and finishing up a very long weekend. I thought I might post my reflections tonight, but that takes having to reflect, and I don't know if I'm up to doing that tonight either. I had a full week today, so I think I'll just go on to bed.


Here is a link to the article about Elvis I referenced in tonight's message. If you'd like to check out the AG Heritage magazine, click here . It's a great magazine!

Happy Birthday, Kelli!

Today is Kelli's birthday! I just can't believe she's 22! Kelli was born at a time when I was struggling somewhat to determine God's will for my life. We had just moved to San Angelo, I didn't have a job, and didn't have insurance. But we did have God on our side. When Kelli was born, she was completely paid for! God really pulled through for us. Kelli wasn' should I say this?....hmm....well, she probably wouldn't have won any baby beauty contests when she was born. And it took a few months for her to start smiling, or so it seemed. But you should see her now! She is a great blessing to our family and our church. She has brought us lots of laughs and has taught us patience! We love you, Kelli! Happy birthday!

Sunday Night Reflections

We had a great fellowship time after tonight's service at Schlotzsky's! I love getting together with our wonderful church family to eat and talk. Tonight we ate and talked and laughed and ate some more. It was great! I'm very sad that I'm going to miss the Mother's Day service. Unfortunately, I have to be out of town next weekend. But the good news is that Araceli will be in town to preach the Mother's Day sermon. I'll be praying all week that it be a great service. I know it will be. I should be back in town for the evening service. This Wednesday, we have our monthly InterMission service. I really love these services because I have a chance to cast vision or to simply address one of many areas that are a part of our mission as a church. InterMission helps me to stay focused. Hopefully, it works that way for the rest of you, too. This was a great weekend, and it promises to be a great week. Stay focused on Jesus!

My body is sore!

I've been talking about doing some bike riding for a few weeks now, so today, I finally went out and hit the biking trails at the San Angelo State Park with a friend. It was very invigorating, but it sure was hard for a novice like me! Some of the trails were smooth and easy, but others were filled with lots of rocks, and not so easy. Going up hill on the rocky trials was the hardest. I actually had to walk some of those uphill trails. The scariest part for me was being on a rocky trail that had lots of cactus on both sides. One little mistake and I would have been in a heap of trouble! Ouch! I did take one spill but it wasn't too bad...just a couple of minor scrapes. The interesting thing is how I'm going to feel in the morning! All things considered, I'd like to go out and try it again. It might be something I'll start doing regularly. Or I could just stick to riding on the roads!