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Sunday Night Reflections

Today was the first day of the Fall Campaign, Nothing's too Hard for God , and I think we got off to a great start. Today's topic was "No Person is Beyond Forgiveness". This week, the small groups are going to discuss the theme in greater detail and watch a video of the amazing story of Eric Earheart. Keep praying that life transformation will happen as a result of this series. During the service this morning, we prayed for my mother who is in the hospital. She is still feeling weak as a result of the pneumonia, but she's making some progress. Please continue to pray for her. I had a grueling day yesterday. I was in Odessa all day with some of my students for a competition. I left my house at 5:00 in the morning and returned about 11:00 that night. Consequently, I was a little more worn out than most Sundays but God gave me the physical strength for the task. All in all, it today turned out to be a great day in spite of my fatigue. Thank you, Jesus! Ryan ran in th

Sunday Night ? Reflections

Yes, I know it isn't Sunday anymore, but I couldn't get to the computer last night. Both boys had to use it for their homework, so I was left to ponder things in my mind rather than on the blog. Last night, I shared the sad news of Ray Boltz coming out earlier this month. This has really bothered me, but it has also reminded me of the urgency of helping people find God. This is serious. This is not a dress rehearsal; it's real life with real needs, real hurts, and a very real answer--Jesus Christ. Let's stay focused on our mission as a church. We concluded the series on Parenthood yesterday, but I know there is still much more to learn about parenting from the Bible. Don't be surprised if we come back to this topic next year. Last night, I spoke about my dream for Solid Rock. It's not a new dream but I feel like God has just renewed it and expanded it within me. God is still able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine! Ten minutes. If you were at la

Clarify the win

"Angelo State University must define what it considers a success." So starts an article in the front page of this morning's local newspaper. I found it interesting because that's exactly what I spoke about in the Sunday evening service. (Not about what ASU considers a success, but about what is a success--a win--for Solid Rock Church.) About three years ago, I read a book by Andy Stanley in which he wrote about the necessity of clarifying the win. Sunday night, I spoke not only about what a win looks like for Solid Rock Church, but more specifically, what a win looks like for our fall campaign. We need to be on the same page if we expect to see results. That's why it's important that everyone who considers Solid Rock to be their home church be at the Sunday night service as we continue to clarify the win, and to prepare for "Nothing's Too Hard for God".

Sunday Night Reflections

Church tonight was just awesome. That's all I can say. We're only two weeks away from the start of our fall campaign, Nothing's Too Hard for God. It's time to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. Let's get down the task of intercessory prayer. I hope you'll make this a week of focused prayer for those God would have us invite to the series. Let's pray for the people of Galveston, Houston, and surrounding areas. It's going to be a while before their lives get back to normal. I've been through a hurricane so I know how devastating it can be. We're right in the middle of Ryan's cross country season, and I must say that I'm really enjoying watching him run. It's inspired me to keep my running going. In case you haven't noticed, I've got a new podcast episode--Sunday Matters. Listen to it on the media player on this blog. Or you can subscribe to it and receive it automatically via email or on itunes as soon as it com

Sunday Night Reflections

April 13, 2008. That's the day we started our Sunday night series in the book of James. That's almost five months ago. There were a few Sundays we took a break from the series, but we studied James almost every Sunday night since then. Tonight was the last night of our study. I have a new appreciation for the book of James. I hope you do, too. Tonight we gave out invitations to our fall campaign which begins Sunday, September 28th. Small groups will actually begin the Wednesday prior to that Sunday, September 24th. I'm praying that our friends will be open to our invitations. Let's pray fervently for this. That was a hilarious video of Jeff Allen we saw tonight before the service. He has great stories, and a great delivery! Very, very funny! I'm seriously considering showing other comedy videos before the Sunday night services in the near future, just for fun. My eyes are burning...time for bed. Have a great week!


Looking forward to continuing our series on parenting tomorrow. We started Parenthood two weeks ago but took a break from the series last Sunday to welcome Missionaries Nestor and Ivette Medina. We're returning to the series tomorrow with a message about the most important aspect of parenting. Don't miss it!

Nothing's Too Hard for God

We had our September InterMission last night, and I must say, I'm getting more and more excited about the fall campaign. Nothing's Too Hard for God is not just a platitude. It's a fact! And there are many people in our circle of influence that need to be told or reminded of it. So last night we handed out silicone wrist bands tha t say Nothing's Too Hard for God as a way of calling attention to the campaign. If you decide to give yours away, ask for another one. We don't have an unlimited supply but we do have several more.