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Life's Healing Choices

I'm so looking forward to the start of our Fall campaign tomorrow morning! This year's campaign is "Life's Healing Choices: Freedom from Hurts, Hang-ups, and Habits", based on John Baker's book by the same title. John Baker is the founder of Celebrate Recovery, a ministry that teaches God's healing power through Biblical principles. The campaign will be a church-wide study of the Beatitudes of Jesus. The small groups will be directly tied in to the Sunday message through a video teaching by Rick Warren. If you haven't sign up for a small group, it's not too late! You can still do it tomorrow morning. It's going to be a great Fall campaign. And it all starts tomorrow!

Lessons from a cross country meet

This past Saturday morning, Lillian, Ryan, and I went to Ballinger for a cross country meet. Ryan and Micah are part of the Cornerstone team that came in second place in their division. It was a great meet, but the the real drama came at the end of the race. There was a young man running in the race that was so far back from the rest of the pack that he came in about 10 minutes after the rest of the field had finished. In fact, most of the people watching the meet had already left, thinking the last runner had finished. Several of the workers had already put some of the equipment away, and the water girl was rolling the water containers away when she was told to come back because there was one more runner still out. Finally, the young man came into view as he entered the stadium for the final few yards. As he approached the finish line, the few people who remained, including me and my wife, encouraged him with applause and tears. Why tears? Because we knew the background story. Just on

Sunday Night Reflections

Wow! This rain has been amazing. We took a trip to San Antonio and Corpus Christi this weekend, and it rained most of the time we were on the road. I really do like rainy days. This is exactly the kind of weather I like to have on my birthday. Too bad it isn't my birthday! Tonight, we started a three-part video teaching by Dave Ramsey. In this first session, Dave taught "The Basics of Biblical Finance". Great stuff! Looking forward to the next two weeks of this teaching. I spoke this morning about being devoted to the teaching of God's Word, and being devoted to fellowship. One of the ways you can show devotion to fellowship is by being a part of a small group. If you haven't sign up for a small group for the fall semester, do it soon. Small groups start Sept. 30. This morning, I had the privilege of dedicating a baby to the Lord. That is absolutely one of my favorite things to do! I'm not sure the feeling was mutual. Rain or shine, have a great week! See yo