Saturday, May 3, 2008

My body is sore!

I've been talking about doing some bike riding for a few weeks now, so today, I finally went out and hit the biking trails at the San Angelo State Park with a friend. It was very invigorating, but it sure was hard for a novice like me! Some of the trails were smooth and easy, but others were filled with lots of rocks, and not so easy. Going up hill on the rocky trials was the hardest. I actually had to walk some of those uphill trails. The scariest part for me was being on a rocky trail that had lots of cactus on both sides. One little mistake and I would have been in a heap of trouble! Ouch!
I did take one spill but it wasn't too bad...just a couple of minor scrapes. The interesting thing is how I'm going to feel in the morning!

All things considered, I'd like to go out and try it again. It might be something I'll start doing regularly. Or I could just stick to riding on the roads!

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