Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kelli!

Today is Kelli's birthday! I just can't believe she's 22!

Kelli was born at a time when I was struggling somewhat to determine God's will for my life. We had just moved to San Angelo, I didn't have a job, and didn't have insurance. But we did have God on our side. When Kelli was born, she was completely paid for! God really pulled through for us.

Kelli wasn' should I say this?....hmm....well, she probably wouldn't have won any baby beauty contests when she was born. And it took a few months for her to start smiling, or so it seemed. But you should see her now!

She is a great blessing to our family and our church. She has brought us lots of laughs and has taught us patience!

We love you, Kelli! Happy birthday!


Betty said...

We love Kelli, too. I would've posted this comment on her blog, but it doesn't seem like she checks it. LOL!

Happy Birthday, KELLI!

Jehu Hernandez said...

Yes, apparently she has other priorities right now!

lisoto said...

Cheli and I think it took several YEARS b/4 we witnessed kelli's first smile :)