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Tweet! Tweet!

Exactly one week ago today, I was unimpressed by Twitter. I didn't see the point, and went as far as to mock the entire premise of keeping "followers" updated with the minutiae of one's life. In fact, I set up at Twitter account back in July and then just didn't follow through because I didn't see the point. But then I read a book last Saturday night that changed my perspective. I'm still not too impressed with the idea of status updates, but I might be coming around. What I'm more excited about is being able to leverage this technology for the church. In fact, I'm planning on talking about this at our next InterMission . In the meantime, if you want, you can sign up to "follow" me on Twitter. ("Follow" is the twitter term for receiving status updates from someone.) This will give you a small peek into the life of a pastor. If you'd rather not set up an account, you can just sign up to follow me from your phone using your t

So how's it going?

I know that some of your SRCers took up a Bible read-through challenge at the beginning of this year. That seems like such a long time ago, doesn't it, especially as we get into the thick of our family and work schedules. Our hectic schedules make it easy to lay aside the Bible read-through challenge. I hope you won't give up. Personally, I'm a little behind the schedule I wanted to follow, but I'm determined to follow through. It's amazing how much I'm learning from this read-through. In future posts, I'll blog about some of the things God is showing me. Happy reading!

Sunday Night Reflections

I know I've said this before, but I'm really enjoying the Sunday night study on prayer. Tonight's teaching was excellent. I'm excited about putting into practice what we learned. After this morning's message on water baptism, I'm offering amnesty to anybody who has not been baptized yet! Seriously, though, if you've delayed getting baptized, don't put it off any longer. No more excuses. If you're serious about God, get serious about water baptism. Had some great fellowship tonight after the Evening Service. This on the heels of some great fellowship with some of the guys last night after praise practice. I love our Solid Rock Church family! Have a great week!

Roe v. Wade

Today is a very sad anniversary. Thirty-six years ago today, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that legalized abortion in our country. Pro-choice (pro-abortion) organizations are marking today with celebrations, but the reality is that it marks a tragic day that changed our country forever. Please take the time to read this article from the current issue of Today's Pentecostal Evangel.

Ryan and basketball

We've been watching Ryan play a lot of games for Cornerstone during this basketball season. He's actually playing on two teams--the Jr. High and High School teams. As you can see from the following pictures, he doesn't always get a lot of playing time on the High School team.

Usher in training

Sunday Night Reflections

I loved tonight's service! The prayer time at the altar was real and powerful! I'm really enjoying the Sunday night series on prayer. If you made a decision at the beginning of the month to read through the Bible, let me encourage you to keep it up despite any obstacles which may arise. Don't get discouraged if you fall behind. Just determine that you'll keep going. We're still a month or so away from starting our Spring session of small groups, but in the meantime, we're having a men's small group meeting on Wednesdays at 7:00 at the church. The presidential inauguration this week gives us an opportunity to pray for our new President and the incoming Congress. Let's pray that they would seek God for wisdom as they lead our nation. May God bless America. Have a great week!

Free CDs!

We gave out free music CDs at the youth meeting tonight: Superchick--Rock What You Got Stephanie Smith--Not Afraid The Katinas--Still Family Force 5--Dance or Die The Rubyz--well, ok, no one took the Rubyz. It's still up for grabs! Just trying to get good music into our teenagers' hands!

Joey's back from Dallas!

We went to pick him up at the airport tonight. It's good to have him back!

Sunday Night Reflections

The first full week of January is behind us, and what a busy week it was for me. I didn't even have time to blog all week! But it was a good week. The services today were good, but I just feel that God has even more for us. I know that as we continue to seek God in prayer, we will see wonderful things we have yet to experience. I was really blessed by the video teaching on prayer by Jim Cymbala. And the comments during the discussion were just awesome! Thanks for all the input. That's just another reminder that we all need each other. Joey's been gone to Dallas since Thursday, and I really miss him. There's just a certain dimension of family life that only he can provide. He'll be home tomorrow, God willing. Can't wait to see him! Have a great week! Keep up your Bible read-through!

Sunday Night Reflections

I appreciate new beginnings. That's why I'm excited about the beginning of this year. I'm determined to make the most of it, with God's help. Really enjoyed the beginning of our Sunday evening series. We'll be going through a six-week video series by Jim Cymbala called When God's People Pray. I think it really will be life-transforming. This is the Week of Prayer in the Assemblies of God. Set the tone for 2009 by beginning each day this week in prayer. You'll be amazed at what ten or fifteen minutes of prayer each morning will do. I want to repeat my challenge to read through the Bible in 2009. (See previous post) You might have to excise something of less importance from your schedule--TV, casual reading, internet--do what is necessary to meet this goal. It'll pay great spiritual dividends! Have a great week, and a great start to 2009!

Read through the Bible in 2009

I'd like to challenge you to read through the Bible this year. There are many Bible-reading plans available that can help you stay on track, such as this one , which allows you to read online, or this one , which give you the option of printing out the reading plan or receiving it by email each day, or this one , which also gives you the option of receiving the reading plan each day by email. Or y0u can do what I'm doing--start at Genesis and read from beginning to end. I'm reading several chapters per day because my goal is actually to read through the Bible twice this year. However you do it, I know you'll discover a new appreciation for the Bible, and a desire to let it speak to you. I'll be praying for you as you read through the Bible in 2009.