Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back from Nicaragua

I finally got back home last night after having to spend a few extra days in San Antonio after arriving from Nicaragua. I haven't had much time to rest, but I'm still very excited about my trip.

While in Nicaragua, we spent much of our time in Esquipulas, where Missionary Nathan Alfaro is planting a church. In fact, he's actually planting two churches, Casa de Mi Gloria in Managua, and Casa de Mi Gloria-Esquipulas.

The church plant in Esquipulas is being planted by way of a six-week (or perhaps longer) crusade. Services are being held every night of the week, except for Monday. The missionary-evangelist for this crusade is Dr. Doyle Jones. He is preaching every service of the crusade!

I had a great time in Nicaragua. We've partnered with Missionaries Nathan and Christine Alfaro for many years, now, but after visiting Nicaragua, I understand why they love that country so much. I've learned to love them, too, after spending a week there.

I especially enjoyed going out into the streets of Esquipulas and inviting people to the crusade, and praying with them for their needs. It didn't take long for me to learn to love those precious people.

Let's continue to pray for Nathan and Christine Alfaro, and for the "Casa de Mi Gloria" churches. And who knows, maybe we can take another trip there next year.