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Follow me

When I first started using Twitter, my wife said that Twitter sounded like a cult because I was trying to get people to follow me. Well, I'm still looking for followers, but in a very different platform. My family and friends know that I love using YouVersion . For those of those of you who may not know, YouVersion is an online Bible with many outstanding features. One of my favorite ones is the ability to interact with other YouVersion users around the Scriptures. Any YouVersion user can contribute a comment, a devotional thought, or a link to a song or video pertaining to a verse or passage of Scripture. The neat thing is that you can follow other users and be notified when they make a contribution. This allows for social and spiritual interaction around the Word of God. I find this very exciting! So if you find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook or Twitter, why not redirect some of that time to a more useful interaction around the Bible. Create a free account today a