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New Year's Eve

We're having a New Year's Eve Service tonight beginning at 11:00 PM. We will have an opportunity to share testimonies about what God did in 2007, and begin the new year in prayer. We will also watch a video of the Solid Rock Church year in review. Coffee and dessert will be served at 10:30. Hope to see you there!

Year-end thoughts

The Mouse's Tale was outstanding! If you missed the Christmas Eve Service, you missed a great performance by our children and teenagers. Several people told me it was the best pageant we've ever had. It made for a great Christmas Eve Service. I'm really enjoying some much-needed days of rest. We spent a couple of restful days visiting my in-laws, and even though we're back home, we're still in a pretty laid-back mood. We've got lots of cleaning up and and other projects to get to, but hey, all in due time! I'm looking forward to 2008. I'm spending some time reflecting and seeking God's direction for Solid Rock Church in 2008. All I can say is that I'm pretty pumped about next year. Let's get ready for a ride!

Christmas Eve Service

Our Christmas Eve service will be held at 7:00 PM. I'm really looking forward to a time of celebration with our wonderful church family and friends. The children and young people are presenting The Mouse's Tale , the story of Jesus' birth from the viewpoint of the animals in the stable. It's going to be so much fun!

My brother's birthday

Today would have been my brother Osiel's birthday. It's hard to believe he'd be 51 already. It's really hard to believe he's been gone for 18 years now. He died much too soon of a brain aneurysm . We all still miss him terribly. Happy birthday, brother. Bethany wrote a beautiful tribute to her uncle. You can read it here .

Christmas Banquet pictures

Here are some pictures of the SediƱo family performing at the Christmas Banquet.

Monday Reflections

Bethany graduated from ASU this past Saturday...hallelujah! I must say that I'm very proud of her for finishing strong. She did very well in student teaching and now she has her first job. God is good! Yesterday was Ryan's 13th birthday. It sounds trite to say, but it really is hard to believe he's a teenager. He sure has brought a lot of joy into our lives. I love you, Ryan! We had our annual Christmas banquet last night. It was great to be able to eat with our church family and to hear and sing Christmas music, and just enjoy the season. I'm so blessed to pastor Solid Rock guys are great! Our heater broke down at church yesterday morning right before Sunday School. Why do these things always seem to happen at the worst possible moment? I am so physically tired from all the Christmas and family activities, I think I could sleep for the next three days straight!

The Mouse's Tale

This Christmas Eve, the children of Solid Rock Church will present The Mouse's Tale. The Mouse's Tale is the Christmas story, narrated by Granny Mouse, and told by the animals in the stable Christmas night. In this story, we will meet: *the donkey who carried Mary to Bethlehem, *the cow who gave up his manger for the baby Jesus' bed, *the sheep who saw the angels on the hilltop, and *the camels who were guided by a bright star in the East they witnessed the miracle of Jesus' birth. Our Christmas Eve Service will begin at 7:00 PM.

We surpassed our goal!

Today was the culmination of The Hour That Changes the World , a year-end effort to pray for various countries around the world, and to bring an offering for Speed the Light, the Assemblies of God youth missions-giving program. For today, we were asked to bring an offering equal to one hour's wages. The year-to-date Speed the Light giving stood at $975.00 before today. Our goal was to reach $1500 with today's offering. I'm very excited to be able to say that today's offering totaled more that $880. We easily surpassed our $1500 goal. Thank you, Solid Rock Church! You truly are an amazing church!