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The Seven Stages of a Married Cold

I shared this during week two of the series we just concluded called The Vow. That week I spoke about how we should continue to pursue our spouses even after we get married. So often, the pursuit stops soon after the wedding ends. The Seven Stages of a Married Cold Year One: (the husband says) "Sugar, I'm really worried about my girl. You've got a bad sniffle. So, I'm putting you in the hospital this afternoon for a few days' rest. And since I know you don't like hospital food, I've arranged to have your meals catered." Year Two: "Listen, darling, I don't like the sound of that cough. I've called the doctor to rush over here. Now, go to bed and get some rest." Year Three: "Maybe you better lie down, honey. There's nothing like a little rest when you feel lousy. I'll bring you something. Have we got any canned soup?" Year Four: "Now look, dear. Be sensible. After you feed the kids and wash the d