Monday, January 9, 2012

Your Personal Growth

I love new beginnings. I love the beginning of a new month, the start of a new year school, the beginning of a new sports season--all these beginnings come with a clean slate and new hope for success. That's why I believe this time of the year is a great time to do some recalibrating and some serious planning.

For most of us, setting new goals for 2012 will probably involve addressing finances and health/exercise. Those are definitely two important categories that should not be left to chance. It's a good idea to determine to get our financial house in order and to actually institute some action steps toward that end. Same thing with our health. We must begin a plan for healthy eating and regular exercise.

But an area that is often overlooked when people set their goals at the beginning of a new year is the area of personal development. To me, personal growth is about learning and developing skills for success in life. Regardless of our age, we must all determine to keep growing personally.

One of the best ways to position ourselves for consistent and effective personal growth is by developing strong daily habits which allow us to be successful the next day and the days after that. Your personal growth and your over-all success in life will be determined by the things your do daily.

So develop helpful daily habits, such as taking time to talk to God and to hear from Him through Bible reading. Develop the habit of getting things done without putting them off for the next day. Develop the habit of reading daily to learn from the wisdom of others.

Your daily habits will determine your personal growth. Your daily habits will determine your future success.

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