Friday, July 24, 2009


My day today wasn't quite as productive as I had planned, but it was a good day. Why? Because I had four conversations.

My first conversation was with the Terminix guy. We sat and talked for about 30 minutes about finances, traveling, family, schools. Then we got around to business.

Then I had a conversation with a person who always wants to talk, but I never seem to have the time. She understands how busy I am, so she doesn't press the issue. Today, when I saw her, I started to give her a quick greeting, but then decided to sit and talk with her for awhile. It was somewhat of a one-sided conversation, but I enjoyed listening.

Immediately after that, I saw someone I hadn't seen in a while and had a 20 minute work-related conversation. Fifteen minutes later, I was deep into my third conversation with another person I always enjoyed talking to about her grandchildren and places to go camping.

I've come to realize that life isn't always about to-do lists. Sometimes, you just have some and talk to people. It's what makes life great.

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