Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Change your routine

I've been jogging for many years, now. I do most of my jogging in the summer and into the fall. Since I don't jog year round, I have to start from scratch every summer in terms of getting into shape.

These past couple of years, it's taken longer than usual to get in shape. This summer, especially, it's been slow going. So I decided to change my routine.

I"ve started using a training schedule that is very different from the one I've used in the past. Boy, it's really made a difference as far as infusing new energy and accelerating my conditioning.

Sometimes, you just have to change the routine.

I've had this happen before in the area of spiritual disciplines. There have been times that I've gotten into a rut with my quiet time. I've learned to change my routine every once in a while. Maybe it means having my quiet time at night instead of the morning. It could be that I change the room where I have my quiet time. Other times, I've changed to a Bible translation that I don't normally use. Changing my routine helps.

If your quiet time leaves much to be desired, try changing your routine.

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