Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

  • We had another great Sunday at Solid Rock Church. Both services today were characterized by people seeking God whole-heartedly. That's very encouraging!
  • I bought a new phone yesterday. I did something I've never done before--I stood in line for two hours waiting for the Sprint store to open so I could get a Palm Pre. I was there a little after 6:00 and I was the second one in line. Got beat by a guy who was there at 5:15. The good news is that I got the Pre, and I made some new friends standing in line for two hours.
  • I've started jogging again, finally. Although my surgery is a distant memory, I've got other aches and pains. But I'm determined to exercise again.
  • We started the One Prayer series today. I'm really looking forward to seeing the video messages. My biggest problem is deciding which one to show because there are so many good ones. I'm praying that God will show me what we need to hear.
  • Bed time! Gotta get up early for my morning jog.

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