Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

Today we finished our four-week series called "Do You Believe?" We talked about heaven and hell. It was a good conclusion to our series.

I put up a new podcast this week. Check it out on the media player on this page, or subscribe to the monthly sermons on iTunes. Just do a search for Solid Rock Church, or better yet, for Jehu Hernandez. Not a whole lot of people by that name on iTunes.

We had an interesting moment during Praise and Worship this morning. You can read about it here. Suffice it to say that it made for the longest intro to a song we've ever had!

We're having InterMission this Wednesday at 7:00 PM. I always look forward to that service. As a side benefit, on InterMission days, I have a tradition of having an early supper at Wok and Rice to go over my notes before the service. Looking forward to that!

Next Sunday is Mother's Day!

We're going to be a part of the One Prayer this summer. Looking forward to it. More info coming soon.

Have a great week!

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