Saturday, April 11, 2009

Super Bowl

I read a comment by a pastor (on a blog or Twitter--I forget exactly where) in which he referred to Easter as the Super Bowl of the church. In other words, it's the biggest Sunday of the year.

I think I understand what he's saying. The resurrection of Jesus is what validates our faith. Easter is a celebration of the single most important event in all of history! I love Sundays in general, but I really love to celebrate Easter.

Another reason why Easter is so big is that we have a unique opportunity to invite people to church. Sadly enough, there are still many people who don't really understand the significance of Easter, but they may know enough to know of the tradition of going to church on that day. Consequently, they may be open to an invitation to go to church on Easter.

So, in a way, this Sunday is our Super Bowl Sunday. Let's not squander this opportunity. We've prayed and invited friends. Now let's go for the win!

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