Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Countdown to Easter

As we approach Easter Sunday, I find myself feeling a strange combination of excitement and heaviness at the same time.

I’m excited because I love the Easter season. I love to celebrate what Jesus did on the cross, and how he overcame sin and death by rising from the dead. I’m also excited because I know that Easter presents an opportunity for us to reach out to friends who don’t know God by inviting them to come to church with us on Easter. As we have seen the past two Sunday nights, the statistics on Americans’ receptivity to invitations to attend church scream at us that we should be bold in inviting our friends!

But I’m also grieved when I think of how many people there are in the various networks in our lives that are far from God. How can we possibly reach them all? The task seems overwhelming in terms of sheer numbers alone, but more so when we realize that many of them are not the least bit interested in surrendering their lives to the Lord. Where do we start?

We start by inviting them to church. And we pray fervently for them to be open to God’s touch on their lives.

For those of you who turned in your My Save 5 cards, I’m praying for every one of the names on the list! And I’m praying for you as you invite them this week to come to church on Easter. Remember, the statistics are on your side, but more importantly, the Holy Spirit is by your side.

Be bold in prayer this week. And be bold in inviting your friends to church. Make “the big ask”. You might be surprised.

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