Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night Reflections

We had a great prayer time at the altar this evening. "Lord, help us to be a praying church!"

I know that many of you have responded to my call to fast one day tomorrow or another day this week. Remember that fasting is abstaining from food for the purpose of redirecting our appetite toward God, so devote the time you would normally spend eating in seeking God in prayer and through Scripture reading. "Father, I ask a blessing upon the SRCers who have decided to devote one day this week to a day of prayer and fasting."

We had several prayer requests tonight in our service, especially for healing. My heart is broken when I see what some people go through in terms of illnesses. I know that God is not out of ideas when it comes to healing people, so let's continue to intercede and believe God for His miraculous intervention.

We are in the middle of our Spring semester small group sign up. If you haven't decided which small group to sign up for, you have two more Sundays to decide. Obviously, the sooner you decide and sign up, the better, so that we have time to order the study materials.

We had another great fellowship time after our Evening Service tonight. Wow! I love Solid Rock Church!

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