Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections

  • This was close to being a perfect day! We had a great service this morning, and a good study tonight on why the Virgin Birth is a critically important doctrine. But what made today even better was spending some quality family time after the evening service. We went out to eat to celebrate Joey's excellent grades this semester (like we need a reason to go out to eat), and then we went to see the lights along the river, and ended the evening with a little trip to Starbucks. Life is good.
  • The Solid Rock children and youth are busily preparing for Live from Bethlehem! They will perform it next Sunday night at 6:00. Can't wait!
  • We're having our annual Solid Rock Christmas Banquet this Friday night at 6:00 at Nacho's Restaurant, 2502 W. Loop 306. For $12.50, you can eat all the fajitas you want, enjoy great conversation, and listen to some beautiful Christmas music.
  • And the next day, Lino and Bernice are hosting a Christmas party for couples at their house. So much good eating in a short period of time! I'll have to be good all week so I can enjoy the good food on the weekend.
  • If you haven't given your Christmas offering yet, you have one more Sunday in which to give it. Let's give sacrificially this weekend. I think it will make it a more meaningful Christmas for us.
  • Have a great week!

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