Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections

  • Missionaries Nestor and Ivette Medina were with us this morning, and boy, what a great time we had. I was really challenged by the message and by the stories of faith and power. I had the privilege of sharing a couple of meals with the Medinas, so I heard several other stories that they didn't have time to share in the service. All I can say is that my faith has been challenged and strengthened. Let's continue to pray for the Medinas.
  • We're going to resume our current sermon series called Parenthood next Sunday morning. I hope you plan to make every Sunday of the rest of the series because it's going to get good! The Bible has a lot to say on this subject, much of which is being ignored by many parents today. If you want to step up as a parent, coming to this series would be a great way to get started.
  • As we speed toward the beginning of our Fall Campaign, it's very important that everyone be at this Wednesday's InterMission. We'll be talking about the campaign in more specific terms. Nothing's Too Hard for God will be a great opportunity for us to reach our friends for Christ. Let's not drop the ball on this one!
  • Thank God for the Labor Day holiday! I've got some work to do tomorrow, but mostly I plan to relax at home. Right now, the idea of sleeping in sounds so good!

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