Thursday, August 28, 2008

Missionaries Nestor and Ivette Medina

We're taking a break from our current sermon series this Sunday to welcome Missionaries Nestor and Ivette Medina. The Medinas are missionaries to Nicaragua where they are reaching out to the Mizquito Indians. I'm really excited to have them return to SRC to share of their work in Nicaragua.

They will be at SRC for the morning service. It's gonna be good!

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It was a great service this morning. The stories of growth and spiritual power manifested are inspiring. These stories really put something deep in my spirit today. Oh that we would all desire God so deeply and passionately and with such utter abandon of everything else that we too could move in the same manner spiritually. I pray that we would all wake up. Tears came to my eyes today as I wondered why we don't see the same things on a regular basis. God clearly deposited in my spirit something so simple (in the sense that it was a single word) and yet so profoundly deep. The one word answer is hunger. Why aren't we as hungry? Brother Nestor told us why: We don't struggle and strain nearly enough (my interpretation of what he said). We aren't hungry enough to strive for God. We aren't thirsty enough to strain for him. The people he spoke of were hungry for something true, real, and powerful. We need to get hungry again. I want to feel the hunger pangs deep in my spiritual stomach. Are we in America settling for the fast food and not waiting for the true nourishment God has to offer? When we struggle and strain and work for everything you have (and I mean struggle in prayer, fasting, seeking, worshiping, kneeling, yearning, crying out)and we continue in that "work" until we are fed and given power by the Holy Ghost, then and only then, will we see the kind of spiritual power, anointing, miracles, and signs and wonders that should be seen in the Church. I pray that we would get hungry again. I want to be hungry for more of God. I am tired of listening to old stories from church that happened years ago. I'm tired of missing out on God's manifested power. I pray for that power to descend on us today. I want to have new stories to talk about. I want to see people coming to God and being delivered and healed. Don't get me wrong I'm not desirous of a show put on by God. I want to see true manifestation of spiritual power that changes peoples hearts, minds, and lives. The stories they told today made me think of how deeply our American Church needs to get back to its roots. Lord help us. Mac

Jehu Hernandez said...

This morning's service also impacted me deeply. Thanks for your thoughts, Mac. I couldn't agree more.