Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections

  • Two great services today. This morning, missionary Larryon Truman spoke about his ministry in Nicaragua. Along with the work of planting churches and preparing pastors, he and his wife are the national directors for Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames. God is using this presentation to reach many people in Nicaragua.
  • Tonight we continued our study in the book of James. We looked at this passage in which James deals head-on with the issue of judging others. We also took the time to look at other Biblical passages that speak about this. I didn't get through all the material I was hoping to cover so we'll have to have a part two.
  • So my wife was digging furiously through her purse looking for her drivers license. She had found my license in her purse but she couldn't find hers. "I gave it back to you", I assured her. (I had borrowed it to make a copy of it and of my license to give to an insurance agent.) Still, I decided to check my wallet and, sure enough, I had been carrying her license for the past three days. I am so glad I didn't get pulled over by a police officer!
  • We're a week away from the start of the Mega Sports Camp. August 4-8, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm each evening. Can't wait!
  • Have a great week! Let's pray for rain!

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