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Sunday Night Reflections

I always enjoy baby dedications, and this morning was no exception. Each one seems to be a little different, I guess because you never really know how the baby is going to react. Adyson did well this morning, but someone told me after the service that they had a hard time hearing the prayer because she had my lapel mic in her mouth!

There is a song we sing at SRC (not often enough) that we just call the buffalo song. It's based on Psalm 92:10--But you have made me as strong as a wild ox. We call it the buffalo song because the spanish lyrics use the word búfalo, based on the Reina Valera translation of the Bible: Pero tú aumentarás mis fuerzas como las del búfalo. Anyway, it's a fun song to sing and play. We jammed on it for a little while after the service, and after a while, it sounded like we were playing something by Carlos Santana. Wow!

I bought some more books while I was in Dallas this past week, and I'm already deep into reading a couple of them. That's the way I usually read: more than one book at a time. So right now I'm reading through three books. I had started reading a fourth, but decided to lay it aside for a few weeks. Eventually, I'll decide which book I want to finish first and lay the others aside for a time. When I read, I like to read with a pen in my hand so I can write notes on the margins. That helps me remember things, and it makes it easier to review the highlights when I look at it again.

Have a great week! Remember to interact with your Bible this week.


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