Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How are you doing on saying "no"?

Six months ago we went through a sermon series on money management called "In God We Trust". One of the messages had to do with living within our means. That week, I talked about the importance of saying "no" to spending money that we really don't need to spend. So now, six months later, my question is "How are you doing"? Are you still saying "no", or have you let down your guard?

Don't be afraid to say "no" to yourself and to your family members. It'll pay off--literally.


Betty said...

It hasn't been easy.
I have learned that when I say "yes", well, it feels AWFUL afterwards knowing I gave in. When I say "no", the bad feeling (of deprivation) doesn't linger. It actually leaves me with a good, "I Stood My Ground" feeling. I just need God to remind me of that good feeling more often.

Jehu Hernandez said...

Excellent point, Betty.