Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fine Arts Festival

It's time for our annual trek to Waxahachie for our district's Fine Arts Festival. Joey and Kathleen have been competing in Fine Arts since they were 12 years old, I think. This is going to be their last year to be eligible to compete so obviously we're hoping they can both qualifiy for the Nationals Fine Arts Festival in Charlotte. They've both qualified for Nationals before but it would be nice for them to do it again on their last opportunity. But even if they don't, we at Solid Rock can honestly say that we're very proud of them.

One added treat for us is that Araceli is the main speaker for the Friday night service. Looking forward to that!

Pray for us on our trip. We leave Friday morning or noon (don't know yet) and we'll be back Saturday night, probably late.

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