Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Night Reflections

  • Today we finished two sermon series at Solid Rock. The Sunday morning series was on marriage and went for four weeks. I can honestly say that I learned quite a bit preparing for these messages. The Sunday evening series was on Miracles, as we looked at different lessons from some of Jesus' miracles. God really did something special during these services.
  • I'm really excited about our next series. It's called 3:16, and it's based on Max Lucado's new book. It's going to be great!
  • I'm really tired right now. I haven't felt this worn out in a long time. Most of it has to do with me just having had a long and full week and weekend. Of course, it doesn't help that we lost an hour of sleep last night with the time change.
  • Every week, I thank God for our church family. I really love you guys!

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