Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rethinking Jesus

This past Sunday night, in our Evening Service, we watched a video of a message by Ben Young titled Rethinking Jesus. Ben Young is from Houston but he gave this talk at Fellowship Church last month. I was there that weekend, and was so impressed with the message that I bought the DVD along with a book he wrote titled Why Mike's Not a Christian.

In this book, Ben Young gives excellent responses to the excuses some people give for why they are not Christians:
  • It’s true for you, but not for me
  • All Christians are hypocrites
  • Evolution is true
  • The Bible is full of myths
  • All paths lead to God, not just one
Ben Young is an excellent apologist who is able to speak at a level that most of us can understand. I highly recommend this book.

So getting back to Rethinking Jesus, we are going to watch part two of his talk this coming Sunday evening, August 19th. Don't miss it!


...steven said...

Glad you were able to stop by FC! It's awesome that technology allows us, as the church, to take a great message like Ben's and use it in multiple communities. Enjoyed the summary post of his book too.

Jehu Hernandez said...

I agree, technology is a great tool for getting the message out. When I was at Fellowship, I went to the book store after the service and thought, "It sure would be great if they had Ben's message on DVD." And sure enough, there it was! Thanks for leading the way in technology. Our church has been blessed by that.