Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What a weekend!

This past Friday, I drove some of the youth from our church to the Lakeview camp ground near Maypearl, Texas. About 10 miles from the camp, one of the rear tires of the church van blew out. Thank God I was traveling slowly and that it was a rear tire! I was able to navigate it to the side of the road with no problem. The real problem was that there was no shoulder and we were on a hilly road with lots of curves. However, three young men from Pathway Assembly of God church in Lubbock pulled up after us and quickly changed the tire. The situation was complicated because when the blowout occurred, the flap from the tire severed a couple of AC coolant lines located behind the tire. We lost all our coolant and water and the van overheated immediately. I managed to get the kids to camp and the van to the Ford dealership in Waxahachie by stopping frequently to fill up the reservoir with water.

Once again, God pulled through for us in the form of my brother-in-law who lives in Coppell. He lent me his truck to return home and pick up another van to go back to camp to bring our kids home when the camp ended Monday. Now, all I have to do is to drive back to return my brother-in-law's truck and bring the repaired van back home.

All this has happened while I was fighting off a fever and other ailments. I told my wife, "When all this is over, I want to sleep for a day with no interruptions!"

The best news is that our kids had a great time at camp. From what I heard, they all had powerful encounters with God. I asked one of my sons, "What was the best part of the camp?" He answered, "The services."

Good answer.

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Bethany Hernandez said...

this weekend definitely wasn't the best, was it? but right now you're in dublin, tx drinking a dublin dr. pepper, so i don't feel so sorry for you :)

and what would we do without uncle lionel and tia yaya?