Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mega Sports Camp

We had our annual VBS this past week, but this isn't an ordinary VBS. In fact, it really isn't VBS at all. For the past three years, we have conducted a Mega Sports Camp, which combines sports training with intentional Bible training. Children choose between three activities: basketball, football, and cheerleading. (We've offered soccer and volleyball in the past, as well.)

The Mega Sports Camp materials are excellent. In fact, Outreach Magazine has named the Mega Sports Camp the Best Children's Outreach Resource for the past two years.

I love seeing the children receive good sports training, but I especially enjoy seeing them receive the Bible teaching that is so important for them in their early years. Another aspect I truly enjoy is watching how hard our volunteers work to make the Mega Sports Camp a success every year.

Thank you, Bernice, for doing such a great job as director, and thank you coaches, huddle coaches, and all the rest of the volunteers. Your work is not in vain!

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