Saturday, June 9, 2007

Learning and unlearning

I've been a pastor since 1989, but I'm still learning a lot about this ministry. In fact, the longer I pastor, the more I realize I have a lot to learn. I've also come to understand that in order to be a learner, I have to unlearn many things first. That may be the hardest thing for me to do. But this is still the most exciting journey I've ever taken.

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It's a very interesting topic. It's also quite relevant. It seems that as we grow older things that we were taught and things that we learned on our own can lead us the wrong way. I used to believe in, in your face evangelism was the only way to win people to Christ. Now I know better. I had to unlearn that behavior. I couldn't win people by saying what you are doing is sin. God taught me some valuable lessons by leaving me to my own devices for a while. Or let me say that I LEFT him for a while and LEARNED a lot about his grace, his forgiveness, his restoration and his unrelenting, undying, and ever present love. I've learned that my idea isn't always the GOD idea. I've also unlearned what a person has to look like, smell like, sound like to become a Christian. God's eyes help us to see that to him we are all sinners and any righteousness we think we have is nothing in his sight. God has shown me (through my own failures) that I needed to be merciful and forgiving to others. I failed in a lot of ways but God welcomed me back like the Prodigal son and with the things he has taught me I believe I have a new found appreciation for the fact that we are human and we make mistakes. If GOD is willing to forgive us for all of our trespassed and our nastiest, dirtiest, filthiest, unimaginable sin WHY shouldn't we forgive others when they wrong us? I used to think differently about people and my motives were misplaced. God has shown me that he has a heart for the lost. Today's sermon about URGENCY that brother Alfaro preached was so moving to me. Had I heard it a few years ago it might not have affected me in the way it did today. The desire to be used of God has never been stronger for me. Now I am at a point in my life where I feel that what I am learning I'm retaining and it's good stuff. Something big is happening at our church. Remember this post and this date. Our church is going to go through a major revolution. Souls are going to be won. Our people are going to be more compassionate and caring. We are growing spiritually and now that we are unlearning or have unlearned some behaviors that have been detrimental we will move forward. Pastor we love you and we support you and we are in prayer for you on a daily basis. I pray that the LORD would give us the strength and the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to minister to people at the point of their need. I pray that the LORD would continue to bring his VISION alive in your life and the life of SOLID ROCK. I won't say we're the best. I promise! BUT I will say that there is no church family or pastor that I've ever had that has been more caring and forgiving than Solid Rock. The LORD bless you and your family. My family is holding you up in prayer. We are at your service and the service of our fellow members and visitors. LORD use us and our children. We are yours. Forever. Amen.