Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I love to read. It's a good thing because books are the main source of my continuing education. Rick Warren says that as ministers, books are the tools of our ministry. Can't disagree.

Although most of the books I read are ministry-related, I do like to read other types of books. Right now I'm reading The Last Jihad by Joel Rosenberg, a fast-paced novel, and Never Again, the memoirs of former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

The Last Jihad
is a political thriller that's hard to put down. I became interested in reading it after hearing the author interviewed on Focus on the Family. It's the first of a series of three novels. Looks like I'll be reading the next two, also.

Never Again is quite an eye-opener. Ashcroft gives a lot of detail and background into some of the decisions that were made during his term as AG. It solidifies my view of him as a man of honor and integrity.

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Betty said...

Hey Pastor! Have you read Epicenter, also by Rosenberg? I love to check out Rosenberg's website. Very insightful, especially when it concerns current events.
I've been wanting to read The Last Jihad. Glad to know it's hard to put down...